The list of papers nominated for awards:

Best overall paper award

  • Sufficiency Economy Philosophy-Based Interactive Mobile Game Application to Promoting Sustainability Understanding based on Inquiry Learning with Everyday Life Activities
    Charoenchai Wongwatkit, Muttakeen Che-Leah, Sasithorn Chookaew, Jintana Wongta, Chitphon Yachulawetkunakorn and Ratthakarn Na Phatthalung
  • Learning Behavioral Pattern Analysis based on Students’ Logs in Reading Digital Books
    Chengjiu Yin, Noriko Uosaki, Hui-Chun Chu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Jau-Jian Hwang, Itsuo Hatono, Etsuko Kumamoto and Yoshiyuki Tabata
  • A Bibliometric Analysis of 15 Years of Research on Open Educational Resources
    Xiaochen Wang, Mengrong Liu, Qianhui Li, Yuan Gao
  • Framework for Building a Thinking Processes Analysis Support System: A Case Study of Belief Conflict Thinking Processes
    Yuki Hayashi, Kazuhisa Seta and Mitsuru Ikeda
  • Measuring Process and Outcome of the Scientific Argumentation in a CSCL Environment
    Wenli Chen and Chee Kit Looi
  • Discussion Course Model Using Online Educational Resources to Enhance EFL Learners’ Motivation and Critical Thinking
    Yuichi Ono and Ai Nakajima

Best student paper award

  • A Comparison of Different Types of Learning Activities in a Mobile Python Tutor
    Geela Venise Firmalo Fabic, Antonija Mitrovic and Kourosh Neshatian
  • Using Data Analytics for Discovering Library Resource Insights – Case from Singapore Management University
    Lu Ning, Song Rui, Dina Heng Lie Gwek and Swapna Gottipati
  • Examining Student Learning of Engineering Estimation from METTLE
    Aditi Kothiyal and Sahana Murthy
  • Can Conversational Agents Foster Learner’s Willingness To Communicate in a Second Language? : Effects of Communication Strategies and Affective Backchannels
    Emmanuel Ayedoun, Yuki Hayashi and Kazuhisa Seta

Best technical design paper award

  • “Go Kahoot!” Enriching Classroom Engagement, Motivation and Learning Experience with Games
    Sherlock Licorish, Jade Li George, Helen Owen and Ben Daniel
  • An Empirical Case on Integration of Immersive Virtual Environment into Primary School Science Class
    Jian Sun, Hao Li, Zhanhao Liu, Su Cai and Xiaowen Li
  • Using Network-Text Analysis to Characterise Learner Engagement in Active Video Watching
    Tobias Hecking, Vania Dimitrova, Antonija Mitrovic and H. Ulrich Hoppe
  • Examining Student Learning of Engineering Estimation from METTLE
    Aditi Kothiyal and Sahana Murthy